Planning and Investments


It’s difficult to know where you’re going without understanding where you’ve been

We specialize in retirement and comprehensive financial planning, considering everything from the tax implications of your pension or 401(k) to your investments and anticipated spending. We listen to your unique situation to help you coordinate your assets, bringing into focus your full financial picture so that we can unlock your ideal vision for retirement.


You talk, we listen

We want to know your story. It’s how we understand the nuances of your life, any financial challenges you face, and the future you would like to see for yourself and your family.

The information package you complete gives us a fuller picture of your family, your assets, your insurance, and your aspirations. Something you don’t know how to answer? Don’t worry, during your free consultation, we talk through your details and help you fill in any blanks.

Finally, we meet again to provide you with a comprehensive financial plan that includes objective recommendations for your investments, retirement plans, Social Security, insurance, taxes, estate planning, and everything in between. We then stress test your options under different “cash flow” scenarios to help you determine what options may be best for you. If you decide to become a client, our team approach means that whether you call to ask a simple question or require a thorough in-person review of your plan, a familiar face will be there to assist you.


Unique needs call for varying solutions




  • Current Needs Analysis
  • Coordinate Existing Policies
  • Long-Term Care Planning
  • Review and Analysis
  • Long-Term Care Insurance Planning
  • Coordinate Insurance to Your Overall Planning Needs

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  • Analysis of Current Estate Plan
  • Complimentary Notary Services
  • Assistance with Life Transition
  • Analysis of Beneficiary(s) and Proper Titling of Accounts

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  • Portfolios that Provide a Disciplined, Procedure, and Rules-Based Approach
  • Understanding Your Risk Score and Tolerance for Risk Before You Invest
  • Independent Advice 
  • Continual and Proactive Monitoring of Your Investments
  • Fiduciary-Placing Your Intrest First!

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  • Roth Conversion Analysis
  • Annual Tax Analysis
  • Customized Tax Strategies
  • Coordinate with Your Tax Professionals
  • Updates on Tax Changes

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  • Consistent Communication in the form of Emails, Webinars, Personalized Videos, and In-Person Meetings Related to Several Topics:
  • Medicare, Social Security, College Planning, Estate Planning, Economic and Tax Updates, and Much More! 

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  • Annual Cash Flow Projections to Determine if you are on Track for Your Retirement Income Goals.
  • Cash Flow Stress Test under Different Scenarios: Death, Early Retirement, Social Security.
  • Annual Monitoring of Your Cash Flow Needs
  • Cash Flow Income Tax Analysis

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  • Know Your Social Security Claiming Strategies
  • Claim Your Benefit Now or Later?
  • Can You be Taxed on Your Social Security Benefit?
  • What Will Your Spousal Benefit Be?
  • What Would My Widow's Benefit Be? 

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