Common Questions


We act in a fiduciary capacity while managing your assets. This means we will be acting in your best interests.  Learn More

A broker/dealer is a company that a registered investment professional is required to affiliate with in order to buy and sell investment products on behalf of investors. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) delegates the supervision of financial advisors to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). FINRA, in turn, requires us to choose a broker/dealer to partner with on your behalf. We partner with Commonwealth Financial Network® (Commonwealth), an independent broker/dealer–RIA based in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Discretion simply means that we have the authority to decide what should be done in the best interest of the client. This gives us the authority to choose investments. We are not able to make any withdrawals from your account, except for the quarterly asset management fee. Some employers require their financial advisors to maintain discretion to mitigate any potential conflicts of interest with the insider information that may be available at their workplace.

We do not prepare tax returns, draft legal documents, or provide custodial services to our clients; however, we do work very closely with our clients’ other professional advisors that perform these services.

Statements are mailed out monthly or quarterly depending on account activity by NFS. You can choose to receive them via e-mail instead. Your portfolio summary and statements are available at all times on our Investor360°® portal.

We are a fee-based advisory firm. We charge asset management fees that are debited from your managed account on a quarterly basis for investment advice. Our advisory fee is transparent and listed clearly on each account statement. We also charge a wealth management consulting fee for your original Comprehensive Plan.  We offer a Subscription Program for those that do not require a fee-based solution. All fees are transparent and agreed upon proactively.

TL Financial Group provides a team-based approach where the advisors work collectively for their individual clients.  TLFG has a contingency plan in place if the founder/CEO (Tony LaJeunesse) is not able to perform his role.

Some clients prefer an annual or semiannual review of their plan.  However, we have an “open door” policy so that our clients can review with us when needed.  With that being said, 80% of our clients review their plan annually with frequent e-mail/phone updates, client educational, and social gatherings throughout the year.

Information is distributed via mail, e-mail, our website, e-newsletters, social media sites like Facebook, and also attendance at our client events.

TLFG believes in a diversified approach based on the client’s timeframe, risk tolerance, tax considerations, etc.  TLFG will employ strategic positioning of our clients’ portfolios based on where we are in the business cycle.  While no one can predict stock market fluctuations, we will change asset classes based on opportunistic trends and outlooks.

No, there is never a charge for an initial, introductory meeting.

If you appreciate a hands-on, proactive approach with frequent communication and excellent client services, we could be a great fit for you.  We believe our clients value our transparent, non-transactional approach. and appreciate the frequent, and timely, educational offerings along with our family-style relationship approach.

Absolutely! We work closely with your CPA, attorney, and other professional advisors.  Additionally, we have our own list of preferred providers who we consistently consult on client questions and issues.